Boy's Charcoal Shorts

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Boy's Charcoal Shorts

Senior Boy's Charcoal Shorts 

Senior Boy’s Charcoal Flat Fronted Shorts

  • Formal charcoal grey poly-viscose knee length shorts
  • Flat front, with built in flexi/elastic waist.
  • Designed for the waist to stretch as you sit down & to expand with your son as he grows.
  • Secret hidden side pocket
  • This style of shorts is fantastic for rapidly growing teenage boy’s, and even those whose weight fluctuates, as the elastic built into the waistband gives some flexibility of sizing.
  • Comes with belt loops for boy’s to wear optional black belt
  • Shorts all have a 3cm hem for growth.
  • Machine washable 
  • Note: Pleated shorts available to order in the same sizes if preferred.
  • 50-6111 Youth Sizes

  • Waist size increases by 2.5cm each size
  • In stock in Y8/56cm to Y17/84cm sizes
  • 50-6222 Youth Quarter Style

  • Good for stockier builds.
  • Waist sizes increase by 5cm each size.
  • Bigger in the waist than Youth sized equivalent
  • More room in the seat and thighs, and slightly longer length than Youth’s.
  • E.g., Y13/74cmW, 48.5cmL; Y13Q/82cmW 54cmL
  • In stock in size Y11Q/72cm to Y18Q/100cm
  • 50-7111 Men's Style

  • Waist sizes increase by 5cm each size.
  • Longer in the leg, with more room in the seat and thigh area that equivalent Youth’s.
  • E.g., Y16/82cmW, 53cmL; M4/82cmW, 54cmL
  • In stock in size M2/72cm to M7/97cm. After this, Men’s Quarter sizes are better
  • 50-5192 Men's Quarter Style

  • Good for stockier builds.
  • Waist sizes increase by 5cm each size
  • 10cm bigger in waist than equivalent Men’s size, with
  • More room in the seat and thighs, and longer length than Men’s.
  • E.g., M4/82cmW 54cmL; M4Q/92cmW 108cmL, 58cmL
  • In stock in size M2Q/82cm to M10Q/122cm.
  • Larger or out of stock sizes available to order with six-week leadtime.
  • 50-7111 Men's Half -Sizes Style

  • Waist sizes increase by 5cm each size, but they are in between full Men’s sizes.
  • In stock in size M2H/74.5cm to M5H/89.5cm

  • Can be worn year-round by Senior boy's in Years 7 to 12.
  • The charcoal shorts can be worn with the Year 7-9 Blue S/S or Year 10-12 Pin-striped S/S shirts, and must be worn with charcoal grey Inaburra crew socks.
  • Optional Blue or Pin-striped Long-Sleeved shirts available to order from the Uniform Shop.
  • Please note, these are by order only, not kept in stock, so require minimum 6 weeks lead-time to order before delivery.


  • It can be difficult to find the correct size, so we suggest booking an appointment for fitting at the Uniform Shop. Then we can ensure the correct fit for comfort, as well as longevity.


  • To choose correct size for purchase online, measure student with tape measure pulled in firm across their hipbones, preferably not over bulky clothing. Then choose a size a few mm's smaller than what they measure. This is so shorts grip to the hips to stay up.
  • E.g., 74cm waist would choose Size Y12/72cm, Y11Q/72cm or M/72cm.
  • If the initial sizes were too small, M2H/74.5cm would be the next size up to try.