EXIT Soap Stain Remover

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EXIT Soap Stain Remover

EXIT Soap Stain Remover

  • Okay Infants School parents, this one's for you!
  • Has your child ever come home with whiteboard marker on their shirt or blouse?
  • Have you ever asked yourself or others "How on earth do you get that whiteboard marker out of this shirt/blouse?"
  • Well, I think we finally have an answer.
  • One of our wonderful Junior School parents told us about the amazing power of EXIT Soap!
  • I've checked out their website for tips on stain removal, and summarised their instructions for you here. 
  • However if you have other stains you need to treat, check out all the info on https://exitsoap.com.au/
  • I am also looking at stocking the Exit

Directions for using EXIT Soap to get rid of Biro, Pen stains & Whiteboard markers!

Removing pen & biro stains from clothing, fabrics and carpets is easy when you use Exit Soap.

Before you start, find yourself two clean, dry cloths. An old towel or rag works well.

  1. Wet a clean cloth with some cold water.
  2. Thoroughly dampen the pen or biro-stained area on your clothing or fabric.
  3. Rub Exit Soap evenly over the pen & biro stain on the wet fabric.
  4. Wet your clean cloth again and rub it over the stained area until the pen or biro stain disappears. You should have enough EXIT Soap on the fabric to get some lather going, which will help remove the stain.
  5. Pat dry the treated area with a clean, dry cloth. This will ensure that the stain doesn't just spread further out on your garment and soak in!

EXIT Soap also works to remove: