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Girls' Bottoms - Worn from Kindergarten to Year 12 

Option 1: Culottes

  • Culottes are pleated shorts that look like a skirt. They have the same pleating structure as our skirts, but the added comfort of being shorts.
  • Made from our bespoke Inaburra striped, square weave non stretch fabric.
  • Must be worn so they touch somewhere on the knee when student is standing.
  • Culottes have a left side zip and button closure, and pocket on right side with zip closure.
  • Available in Girl's size 0 to 20 with half elastic waistband at the back. The Girl's Culottes tend to sit on the hip bones.
  • If they feel slightly too big in the waist, locate the spare button that is either sewn on the bottom of the pocket or is on the swing tag, and sew it behind the button that is already there on the waistband. This will aloow your daugter the ability to button the culottes up slightly tighter in the waist.
  • Also available in Ladies size 4 to Ladies 26 with adjustable buttonhole elastic at the back. The Ladies Culottes are generally worn up at the waist, so have a higher top panel than the Girl's Culottes, and they are longer.
  • The Girl's and Ladies Culottes also have crossover sizes: for example, a Ladies 4 can be adjusted to be a similar waist size as a Girl's 12 to Girl's 14, but will be longer in the leg. So if a Girl's size 12 fits your daughters waist but is too short to touch her knee, instead choose a Ladies 4 or Ladies 6.

Elastic waistband in Girls' and Ladies' Culottes

Girls' Bottoms - Kindergarten to Year 12 Pants

  • Made from navy san marino mechanical stretch fabric. This means the weave of the fabric provides stretch and give.
  • Have internal adjustable waistband as pictured above with buttons and buttonhole elastic
  • Available in Girls' size 2 to Girls' 14, and Ladies' size 4 to Ladies' 26.
  • The Girls' pants are a straighter cut in the hips, whereas the Ladies' pants are cut to accommodate wider hips and thighs, with a higher waist.

            Internal adjustable waistband of pants                                                 Internal adjustable waistband of Ladies Skirts

Girls' Bottoms - Kindergarten to Year 12 Skirt

  • Made from our custom made Inaburra striped, square weave fabric with added stretch. The added stretch means that as the Girl's develop hip bones, the skirts won't pull across the hips, making the pleats gape. The stretch also makes the skirts more comfortable to wear.
  • Must be worn knee length-when standing, the skirts much touch your knee somewhere.
  • Ladies' skirts have internal waist adjustability as pictured above, with left side zip and button closure, and pocket on right side with zip closure.
  • Available in Ladies' size 4 to Ladies' 26, or other sizes can be custom made as required.
  • Skirts have buttonhole elastic with side buttons to adjust the waistband. Most girls wear their skirt on their waist, so you adjust the waist and in, making sure you have taken in both sides the same number of button holes so it sits evenly without bunching.
  • To know when the skirts are becomming too small, watch the length on the knee, as well as the two pleats at the front of the skirt. The pleats should sit flat, only opening up as the girls walk, move and sit. If they are gaping open, or straining at the top stitching when your daughter is standing striaght, this is a clear indication that the skirt has become too small for her.

Girls' Bottoms - Kindergarten to Year 12 Formal Shorts

  • Made from the Inaburra non-stretch stripe fabric
  • Must be worn knee length
  • Have internal adjustable waistband as pictured above with buttons and buttonhole elastic.
  • Available in Girls' size 2 to Girls' 12, and Ladies' size 6 to Ladies' 26.

Girls' and Ladies' shorts internal adjustable waistband

Who, Where and When?

The four Girls' bottom options are worn by girls from Kindergarten to Year 12, with different coloured short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouses as follows:

  • Girls in Kindergarten to Year 6 wear Lemon Yellow Blouses;
  • Girls in Years 7 to 9 wear Sky Blue Blouses; and
  • Girls in years 10 to 12 wear White Blouses.

The only exception is that girls in Kindergarten to Year 4 cannot wear the Skirts. Instead, we encourage these younger students to wear the Culottes until they are in Year 5.


On sizing: 

  • Girls' size 10, is usually equivalent to Ladies' size 4.
  • Girls' size 12 is usually equivalent to Ladies' size 6.
  • Girls' size 14 is usually equivalent to Ladies' size 8.
  • The difference is in the length of the garment, and the shape of the waistband and hips. Girls' sizes will be a shorter and straighter cut than the lady's version, so it's a good idea for you to look at your child's age, and what fits them the best.

On Custom Garments:

We have worked closely with our supplier On Campus, to design our garments with adjustability and stretch to accommodate a broad range of shapes and sizes. We stock both Girls' and Ladies' sizes of all four options. If your child has a particular need or body type that the standard garment may not accommodate, please make an appointment to speak with our Uniform Shop Manager Nicki Wright to discuss your child's needs.

We can custom make any part of the Inaburra Uniform for an additional cost. The biggest need we have in this instance is time. It can take up to 12 weeks to custom make a garment. So please call Nicki on 9541 4738 to discuss your needs or make an appointment.