Hair Accessories

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Hair Accessories

Pritti Designs New Uniform Hair Range

  1. Striped Scrunchie        2. Striped Headband        3. 2 x Ponytail Bows  4. Ponytail Ribbon Bow 5. Junior Girl's Scrunchie 

  1. Striped Scrunchie - Inaburra Striped Fabric scrunchie 
  2. Striped Headband - Inaburra Striped Fabric covered narrow headband
  3. Striped Ponytail Bows x 2 - Two pack of Inaburra Striped Fabric Ponytail Bows
  4. Tri-colour Ponytail Ribbon Bows - Individual Ponytail Ribbon bows custom made with Navy, Yellow and Sky blue ribbons to match uniform
  5. Junior Girl's Blouse Scrunchie - Scrunchie made from Yellow Pique material to match Junior Girl's Blouse.

Schoolies Brand Hair Accessories in Real Dark Blue

    1. Ribbon Bows           2. Clip-on Bows    3. Scrunchie 2 pk   4. Supa-stretch Headband    5. Alice Band 

  1. 2 pack of Ribbon Bow ponytail holders: comes with fixed ribbon bows that won't slide off, and no exposed metal parts to snag on hair.
  2. 2 pack Clip-on Bows: Premium quality grosgrain ribbon, on rust proof steel clips
  3. 2 pack Supa-Stretch Scrunchies: soft and comfortable, and hold hair securely in place
  4. 1 pack Supa-Stretch Headband: fits snugly onto all head shapes, stretches for a comfortable and secure hold
  5. 1 pack Alice Band/headband: Back 2 School brand wide navy Alice Band; great for holding back the wispy bits 
  6. 4 pack of Velvets: strong hold metal free elastics, more stretch for a comfortable hold
  7. 4 pack of Hair coils: Grip well, and surprisingly hair doesn't tangle or get stuck around the coils. No marks, creases or pulling; fantastic for long, thick hair
  8. 6 pack Sports Bands: 100% waterproof, nontoxic and static free, non-slip, firm hold and always return to original shape
  9. 6 pack Metal Free Ponytail Holders: handmade with more stretch for a comfortable hold.
  10. 6 pack Ombrello mixed colour ponytail holders: 2 each of black, navy and white ponytail holders, with knot and metal ends. 
  11. 12 pack Non-Slip Snap Clips: secure and comfortable hold, no sharp edges and quality finish
  12. 12 pack Ponytail holders: very strong hold, great for long and thick hair. No exposed metal parts to snag on hair.
  13. 24 pack Small Hair Tubes: microfibre fabric is gentle on soft, fine hair. Secure and comfortable hold, perfect for wispy, think and fine hair.

6. Velvets 4 pk   7. 4pk Hair Coils  8. 6pk Sports Bands   9. 6pk Ponytail Holders  10. 3pk Ponytail Holders

11. 12pk Clips       12. 12pk Ponytail holders  13. 24pk Hair Tubes