House T-Shirts

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BURIBURI- Blue Whale                                     GUNAAGAN- Red Starfish



GALU- Yellow Crane                                         GURIWALA- Green Koala




  • The House T-Shirts have been designed and ordered initially as a one off, which means the sizes we have left are all that we can sell at this stage, until we decide to order more.
  • The House Polo Shirts can be worn to school with the rest of your sports uniform, for any House related Activity.
  • Examples of House related Activities include Swimming & Athletic Carnivals, and the Fun Run.
  • If you would like to purchase a size & colour combination that isn't available, please email Nicki at the Uniform Shop to let her know on
  • The T-Shirts were ordered in all four colours in the following sizes:
    • Size 4
    • Size 6 
    • Size 8
    • Size 10
    • Size 12
    • Size 14
    • XS
    • Small
    • Medium and
    • Large