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Pullovers - Cotton or Wool

  • Polycotton or Wool Pullovers
  • Unisex item worn by students from Kindy to Year 12.
  • Both Polycotton and Wool Pullovers come with thumb loops on inside of sleeve to hold sleeve down when layering under blazer- see last photo above showing thumb loop
  • Usually worn with the waistband tucked under to keep the pullover smooth under the Blazer
  • Available in sizes 4 to 28
  • Children's size 4 to 14 are standard. From size 14 onwards, pullovers are a small make, so be prepared to size up. Pullovers stretch sideways, but not lengthways so if you need extra length for tall student, go up a size.
  • Size chart shown below.
  • Pullovers can be worn under Blazers or Track Jackets for extra warmth on cold days but must not be worn as outer garment when travelling to and from school.
  • Wool pullovers are obviously warmer, and they are far superior garments than the Polycotton version, but some students find the wool itchy. When deciding which one to buy, we suggest you ask your child which one they would actually wear, then buy that one! In the end, a Polycotton pullover is better than no pullover at all.

Wool Vests


  • Wool Vests can be worn by any student, Kindy to Year 12.
  • Available in size 4 to 24.
  • Tend to be longer in the body than pullovers, so no need to size up.


  • Acrylic Scarf comes in one size only for students in Kindy to Year 12.
  • 31cm wide by 164cm long plus tassels
  • Embroidered with "Inaburra School" in white at one end.



  • Soft navy wool gloves made in Australia by our supplier William Shaw for Calcoup
  • XXS- 15cm long by 9cm wide
  • XS- 17cm long by 10cm wide
  • S- 19cm long by 11cm wide
  • M- 21cm long by 12cm wide
  • L- 23cm long by 13cm wide
  • XL- 25.5cm by 14cm

Note- I measured the gloves from the cuff to the tip of the longest finger, and then across the widest part of the glove when it was laid flat. To decide on a size, measure your hand across from thumb to side of hand with thumb outstretched to get width; don't forget to allow for the depth of your hand. Then measure from a few centimetres up your wrist to the end of your middle finger to ascertain length.