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Striped Tie - Boys' K-9  


  • Navy tie, with three colour stripe in royal blue, white and yellow
  • Mirrors the stripes in the top right corner of the Inaburra logo
  • Comes in three lengths:
    • 33cm tie with elastic;
    • 41 cm tie with elastic; and
    • 150cm full tie
    • Boy's in Year 7-9 must wear full tie, not elasticised version.

Who, Where and When?

  • The elastic ties are worn by boys in Kindergarten to Year 6 with their formal uniform
  • The full length tie is worn by boys in Years 7 to 9 with their formal uniform
  • NEW RULE: Boys in Kindergarten to Year 2 only need to wear their ties in the following circumstances:
    • Formal occasions, e.g. assemblies;
    • Excursions where formal uniform is required;
    • School photos; and
    • When requested to do so by the Principal or their classroom teacher. 
  • Note: Students will be advised at least one day in advance that their tie is required.

Senior Boys' Tie


  • Navy tie with Inaburra logo, with one set of tri-stripes above and below
  • Comes only in 150cm full tie length

Who, Where and When?

  • The Senior Boys' tie is worn by boys in Year 10 to Year 12 with their formal uniform.
  • For Year 11 and Year 12, this is most likely to be five days per week.