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Cotton Tights

1. Red Robin Tights     2. Cotton Tights: Red Robin, Alinta & Bonds 2 pack +70 Denier Tights: Kayser and Spartan

  • Junior Girls wear dark navy cotton tights.
  • Red Robin cotton tights come in three age ranges : 4-6, 7-10 and 11-14, however these are no longer being made, and are being replaced with the Bonds 2 pack tights, also in age ranges 4-6, 7-10 and 11-14
  • We stock Alinta Tights in sizes Small, Average, Tall, X-Tall & 2X-Tall. The size chart is below
  • Senior Girl's can also wear Cotton Tights. These are sturdier and warmer than the 70 Denier Tights


3. Bonds two pack tights in ages 4-6, 7-10 & 11-14. 4. Alinta Tights: Small, Ave, Tall, X-Tall & 2X-Tall

5. Alinta Tights Size Chart

Senior Girls' Tights- 70 Denier

5. Kayser 70 Denier Tights- Small, Average, Tall, X-Tall  6. Spartan Tights 70 Denier X-Tall or XX-Tall

  • 70 Denier tights- Kayser and Spartan
  • Kayser Tights as per image #5 come in sizes Small, Average, Tall and X-Tall.
  • Spartan tights as per image #6
  • Spartan X-Tall for 175cm to 190cm tall and 75kg to 90kg
  • Spartan XX-Tall for 190cm to 200cm tall and 90kg to 100kg
  • Kayser Size Chart below
  • If you are on the border of two sizes, or you have long legs, we advise that you should choose one size larger than the chart shows to avoid a saggy crotch.

Sizing guide for tights, ranging from small to average to tall to extra tall

7. Kayser Tights Size Chart