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Navy Trousers: Pleated or Elastic Back

Junior Boys Navy Pleated Trousers with flexi-waist

Elastic Back Trousers             Pleated Trousers                 Pleated Trousers

On Campus Style 30-5010 & Robert Bruce Elastic Back Trousers

  • Junior Boys' Navy trousers with reinforced double layer knees, button or press stud closure and elastic back.
  • Robert Bruce brand traditionally has tighter elastic with less give so therefore smaller waist, and longer leg.
  • Particularly suitable for tall, slim children with a small waist in proportion to their height.
  • On Campus brand has loser elastic, and a shorter leg, so truer to normal everyday sizing.
  • Robert Bruce Trousers are discontinued lines, so we are unable to order more stock.
  • Limited sizes available. 

On Campus Pleated Trousers- Style 30-5000

  • Junior Boys' Navy Pleated Trousers with Flexi-waist
  • Flexi-waist has hidden elastic inside waistband. This provides give when students sit down, and as they grow.
  • This style is especially good for stockier boys with a thicker waist who grow and change sizes quickly, as the waistband tends to grow and stretch with them
  • These are the same style as the Senior Boys' Charcoal pleated trousers

Who, What and When?

  • Under new 2022 uniform rules, Boys from Kindergarten to Year 6 can wear trousers any time throughout the year.
  • Trousers can be worn with new lemon shirts in either short sleeves or long sleeves.

On Campus Size Chart


Robert Bruce sizes available

  • Size 4, Size 9, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18, and Size 20